I am a mother.

I am not a mother of one, two or three. I am a stay-at-home mother of four, beautiful and wildly rambunctious children. From the time I had my first, I was interested in more traditional parenting methods that stem from my Latin American roots such as breast feeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, etc.

I bought my first baby wrap in 2007 because I was eager to connect with my baby by doing skin to skin and having an easier way to nurse, especially in the early stages of infancy, where you are feeding on demand. in my mind, there was no other way of bonding more efficiently than by baby wearing. At that time, baby wearing was not something that everyone did, and so it proved to be a little more challenging as wraps and baby slings didn’t come with as many instructional videos as they do now.

The wrap that I had was thick and a little cumbersome, and it could only be worn in the colder seasons. Fast forward to the present, while living in Southern California, I had my third child in 2012 and I just recently gave birth to my fourth, and I am so very grateful that I took on a more traditional form of caring for my children because it has proven to be the most efficient way to raise happy and independent children.

In fact, it is the only way I could have survived raising my kids, while caring for my newborns.

I used a sling with my third because the weather here is a little warmer, but I longed to have the wrap again. I was gifted one, but again, I found myself frustrated with the sheer amount of fabric and it’s thickness made it inflexible. I wanted something that was more versatile and that I could wear in warmer climates.

That is when the concept of Haul’ A Baby came to me. I needed material that was breathable and flexible, so that I could meet the demands of my infant but also be able to function normally with my three, very busy kiddos. Our wrap is exactly that: Flexible,breathable, and versatile. Our Haul’ A baby wrap was made to be an all weather, worn-all-the time bonding tool. It has, without a doubt helped me stay close to my child, while meeting the demands of the household. I hope you are able to find and give as much joy as I have, since wearing this product.



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